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Tutorial and Workshop on Analytic and Enumerative Aspects of Combinatorics

  • Description:This is the second joint meeting between this project and the participants of our FWF-MOST project (http://rsd.stat.sinica.edu.tw/). The first took place in Paris from September 1st to September 2nd, 2016. The purpose of this meeting is to present recent research results of the participants of the two projects and discuss further joint collaborations. The meeting will start with a one-day tutorial which will be mainly geared towards students. Moreover, the meeting will be open to the local research community in Combinatorics (both students and researchers are welcome!).
  • Date:    Friday, October 27, 2017 to Sunday, October 29, 2017
  • Place:   Department of Applied Mathematics, National Chiao Tung University (NCTU)
  • Program:October 27, 2017: Tutorial given by Michele Soria (Pierre and Marie Curie University) and Bernhard Gittenberger (Technical University of Vienna)October 28-29, 2017: Workshop with approximately 10 talks
  • Accommodation:On-campus accommodation is limited; it’s more convenient but doesn’t include breakfast (however, there are many restaurants at NCTU’s campus). Off-campus accommodation, if further away from the campus, requires either a long walk or commuting by taxi (Hsinchu’s public transport system is less convenient). All places listed below can also be found on tripadvisor.On-campus guest houses:1. Guest house II $1,000/night; $200+ for double occupancy Guest house III, $1,500 NTD/night(single occupancy); $200+ for double occupancy

    1. Landis Inn Chuhu, $3,300 NTD/night, complimentary breakfast; 5-minute walk to NCTU (ca. 350m from the main gate)
    2. Berkeley Hotel $1,800 NTD/night, complimentary breakfast, 20-minute walk to NCTU via the campus of the neighboring Tsing-HuaUniversity

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  • Wed., September 7, 2016 at LIPN
    •  Participants: Hsien-Kuei Hwang & Cyril Banderier
  • Tue., September 6, 2016 in London
    •  Participants: Hsien-Kuei Hwang & Svante Janson
  • Mon., September 5, 2016 at LiP6
    •  Participants: Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Antoine Genitrini & Olivier Bodini
  • 10am-5pm, Wed., August 31, 2016 at LIPN
    •  Participants: Yeong-Nan Yeh, Wei-Mei Chen, Bo-Yin Yang, Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Sara Kropf, Cyril Banderier, Axel Bacher & Olivier Bodini
  • 10am-6pm, Tue., August 30, 2016 at LiP6
    • Participants: Yeong-Nan Yeh,  Wei-Mei Chen, Sara Kropf, Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Cyril Banderier, Olivier Bodini, Mathieu Dien, Antoine Genitrini & Michael Wallner
  • 2-4pm, Mon., August 29, 2016 at LIX
    •  Participants: Michael Fuchs, Wei-Mei Chen, Sara Kropf, Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Mireille Regnier, Jean-Marc Steyaert & Joris van der Hoeven
  • Fri., June 3, 2016 at Academia Sinica
    •  Topic:
      1. discussed the budget use for attending the workshop on September 1-2 at LiP6 and extended visit to other laboratories
      2. Current research themes: diverse combinatorial models, related recurrences and asymptotics
      3. GPU implementation of classical algorithms
    •  Participants: Yeong-Nan Yeh, Michael Fuchs, Tsung-Hsi Tsai, Wei-Mei Chen,
      Wei-Chung Liu, Sara Kropf & Hsien-Kuei Hwang
  •  Thu., March 3, 2016 at Academia Sinica
    • Topic: stochastic and combinatorial models for food-webs and task graphs
    • Participants: Antoine Genitrini, Hsien-Kuei Hwang, Wei-Chung Liu &
      Tsung-Hsi Tsai
  • Fri., January 15, 2016 at Academia Sinica
    • Participants: Yeong-Nan Yeh, Michael Fuchs, Tsung-Hsi Tsai, Bo-Yin Yang,
      Wei-Mei Chen & Hsien-Kuei Hwang


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Asymptotic Analysis of Algorithms & Combinatorial Structures (A3CS) workshop program

The program is now available here.

See you in Paris, the September 1 and 2.
To access to the workshop:
– Metro 7 or 10: Station Place Jussieu.
– You will be asked to open your bag when you enter the campus.
– Go to the left to the tower 25
– Take the elevator to the 1st level.
– Enter the corridor 25-26.
– The room 105 is on your left.

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Announcement: Asymptotic Analysis of Algorithms & Combinatorial Structures (A3CS) Workshop

The Asymptotic Analysis of Algorithms & Combinatorial Structures
(A3CS) Workshop will take place on September 1-2 (Thursday-Friday).

This is a workshop organized by the ANR-MOST (France-Taiwan).

Are specially invited, French and Taiwanaise participants of the ANR, but also other researchers (Technische Universität Wien team (Austria),…).

Talks will focus on the following themes: Analysis of
Algorithms, Analytic Combinatorics, Random Combinatorial Structures
and some others on related subjects.

Discussions will be largely encouraged and some dedicated moments are planned.
The workshop will take place in Paris at the Université Pierre et
Marie Curie (Paris 6, campus Jussieu).

Further details will be available on this web site as soon as possible.

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International conferences:

  • Olivier Bodini, Matthieu Dien, Xavier Fontaine, Antoine Genitrini, Hsien-Kuei HwangIncreasing Diamonds. LATIN 2016: 207-219
  • Olivier Bodini, David Julien, Philippe Marchal: Random-Bit Optimal Uniform Sampling for Rooted Planar Trees with Given Sequence of Degrees and Applications. CALDAM 2016: 97-114
  • Antoine Genitrini: Full asymptotic expansion for Polya structures. AofA 2016
  • O. Bodini, A. Genitrini, and N. Rolin: Extended boxed product and application to synchronized trees. In Proc. Gascom’16.
  • O. Bodini, M. Dien, A. Genitrini, F. Peschanski: Entropic Uniform Sampling of Linear Extensions in Series-Parallel Posets. Accepted for CSR’17.
  • O. Bodini, M. Dien, A. Genitrini and F. Peschanski: The Ordered and Colored Products in Analytic Combinatorics: Application to the Quantitative Study of Synchronizations in Concurrent Processes. In proc. of the Fourteenth Workshop on Analytic Algorithmics and Combinatorics, ANALCO, 2017, p.16-30.




  • A. Bacher, O. Bodini, H.K. Hwang, T.H. Tsai: Transactions on Algorithms (TALG), Volume 13 Issue 2, February 2017
  • O. Bodini, A. Genitrini, F. Peschanski: A Quantitative Study of Pure Parallel Processes. Electr. J. Comb. 23(1): P1.11 (2016)
  • O. Bodini, A. Genitrini, N. Rolin: Pointed versus Singular Boltzmann Samplers: a Comparative Analysis. To appear in PUMA, 2016.
  • V. Bonzom: Large N Limits in Tensor Models: Towards More Universality Classes of Colored Triangulations in Dimension d>1, SIGMA, vol 12, 2016.
  • A. Bacher, A. Sportiello: Complexity of Anticipated Rejection Algorithms and the Darling-Mandelbrot Distribution.Algorithmica 75(4): 812-831, 2016
  • V. Berthé, L. Lhote, B. Vallée: Probabilistic analyses of the plain multiple GCD algorithm, Journal of Symbolic Computation 74, 425—474, 2016
  • B. Vallée, Genealogy of lattice reduction: algorithmic description and dynamical analyses,   RIMS Kyokuroku Bessatsu, 121—175, 2016)
  • J. Clément, J. Fill,  T.H. Nguyen Thi, B. Vallée: Towards a realistic analysis of the QuickSelect algorithm, Theory of Computing Systems, 58(4), 528-578, 2016
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Software and Links

MergeShuffle: The best-known sampler for uniform random permutation


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Project Coordinators: Hsien-Kuei Hwang (Academia Sinica)

                                             Olivier Bodini (Professor, U. Paris 13)

List of members in the project:

Academia Sinica

  • Hsien-Kuei Hwang (Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical Science)
  • Wei-Chung Liu (Associated Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical Science)
  • Tsung-Hsi Tsai (Associated Research Fellow, Institute of Statistical Science)
  • Bo-Yin Yang (Research Fellow, Institute of Information Science)
  • Yeong-Nan Yeh (Research Fellow, Institute of Mathematics)

University Paris 13

University Caen

University Versailles

University Paris 6

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology

National Taiwan Ocean University

National Chiao Tung University

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Seminar on Thu., March 3, 2016

Topic: Cuts in Increasing Tree Families

Speaker: Prof. Antoine Genitrini

(Computer Science, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Lab. LIP6)

  • 10:30AM, Thu., March 3, 2016 (tea time 10:10AM)
  • 2F Lounge, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica
  • Abstract

       Increasing trees are labelled trees in which the labels along any root-leaf path form an increasing sequence. They have been extensively studied in diverse areas for different modeling purposes.  We consider a cutting process and analyze diverse (algorithmic, distributional, and combinatorial) properties in connection with it.

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  • Antoine Genitrini visited Academia Sinica during Feb 28 – Mar 3, 2016
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